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National Road Relays 31st March 12

I can&;t seem to see any post for the relays on Saturday.  What time do we need to be there etc.
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National Road Relays 31st

Hi Kerry (all)

the relays begin at 12noon so I intend to rendezvous at PC World around 10am to get through in good time to declare the teams. 

If you intend to make your own way there...don&;t be late!

Info on the Scottish Athletics site here
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National Road Relays 31st


You&;re very much needed ! Saw a team sheet last night and you&;re on first leg (short), followed by Grant, Graeme F, Mike, myself and Ian J.
Race starts at 12.

see you there, Bruce.
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National Road Relays 31st


I think there is a mistake there - your name is in the Central list.  I&;ve no idea who Marietta Beal is!

The names on the SAL site are just the entered athletes - the teams are picked from those entered.  On the men&;s side we have just enough for 6 full teams but with the womens we have 1 team and 1 reserve.

Dave H was speaking to the ladies about who was running and who was a reserve - am sure he&;ll be able to put you in the picture this evening.

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National Road Relays 31st

I have just noticed that too!  I am not at the club tonight but would be grateful if someone could confirm if I am running or reserve.  Thank you, K
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National Road Relays 31st

Think it&;s just an input error. Marietta Beal runs for Edinburgh AC. If we have an extra athlete they can always run on leg 1 as an incomplete team so everyone gets a run.
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National Road Relays 31st

Error now fixed.

This is incorrect BC, we only have 1 women&;s team entered so no incomplete teams.
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National Road Relays 31st

Thanks Bruce, i see there is a RV at PC World at 10am. I&;ll head along there and follow the crowd, as no idea where I am going.
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National Road Relays 31st

Biggest team entered along with Fife, who I am sure we&;ll beat well! Where is that &;big&; Edinburgh team?

No pressure, but first sounds good!
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National Road Relays 31st

I&;m not sure if I was in the team but unfortunately I can&;t run.  Doctor&;s orders.
Sorry for the late notice but I had problems logging in to the site.

Ian Mc