CAAC Down'N'Up. Christmas Eve, 24/12 @ 9am. Signup here!


Its the last Saturday before Christmas and it wouldnt be quite right not to have a blowout in the wild homelands of Corstorphine Hill. For those that have not taken part before its a short sharp semi handicapped run for all club members young and old. Meeting at the car park at the top of Kaimes Road at 9am, we will then aim to start at 9:15am from Corstorphine Tower.

The route in total is ~1mile, the first leg of which is all down hill - the &;Down&; and the second half you retrace your steps back to the tower and is all uphill - the &;Up&;. There is a short break in between the two. There is a prescribed route but we&;re open to misadventure so you wont be penalised for trying something new ;]

I would suggest some warm clothing, maybe some trail shoes and a hat but trainers shorts and vests will do the trick too!

The finish will be enjoyed with a short prizegiving then retiral to 2e Caroline Terrace where there will be Bacon Rolls and a cup of Tea on offer.

For previous years threads, pictures and results click And ive attached a copy route here for your perusal.

Please sign up below or let Moray or I know you intend to take part and if you intend to join us for Bacon Rolls after?. Entry is as always for the this end of season cracker is free. Hope to see you all there!

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CAAC Down'N'Up. Christmas

If last year&;s conditions were anything to go by, forget trail shoes, bring your crampons, or sledge! I&;m in! :-)
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CAAC Down'N'Up. Christmas

Shame I will miss it this year as have a train down South that morning. Always lots of fun...hope it&;s not as icy as last year
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CAAC Down'N'Up. Christmas

I will be be sticking to the nomal route this year. I did recce an alternative decent route in the summer but it wasn&;t very runnable.

I&;ll be there. (no bacon roll for me but tea would be nice)
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CAAC Down'N'Up. Christmas

Sure me and the nice folks at 2e can sort you out an alternative filling lad. As with all Veggies..!
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CAAC Down'N'Up. Christmas

Sorted, to be honest only too late if your not there by 9am. Though prior notice definitely preferred ;]
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CAAC Down'N'Up. Christmas

too late for another one to join in the trot to the top of caac hill?
see you at registration
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CAAC Down'N'Up. Christmas

Clearly the best was saved for last. Not only race of the year but social event of the season as well. A record turnout, perfect conditions, a good smattering of hangovers and some mean competiton on the slopes of our very own "mountain". Add to all that mulled wine and bacon rolls and i&;m pretty much happy with my Christmas already!

The usual organisational headaches were compounded this year with the record number of entries but i was glad to see COB had it all in hand with all the necessary paperwork set up in advance. When i say paperwork i mean he had brought some paper and a pen. Nae matter, the Down n Up didn&;t get where it is today through expert administration but rather through the perseverance of the CAAC faithful!

So i set off for my first proper attempt at running the route and managed to regain conciousness in time for COB to set off the main field at the customary 20second intervals. Ian Cumming was first off but it was Kris Berry who got the bottom before the crowds started to file in, all managing to reach the finish without mishap this year...hmmm, who was missing?

Anyway, easy bit done, i trudged my way back up to the top and COBBO completed the starter duties setting our intrepid souls off in pairs this time. Berry again led the field up and Corrie, wearing hat of the day, completed the action.

The welcome decision was made to retire to the club&;s new winter lodge for a veritable feast of delights for some sustenance and the inevitable banter before the grand highlight of presentations.
As usual Christopher spared every expense in his search for the most eclectic prize list in Scottish athletics. I trust he can fill us in on the list of prize winners in due course.
All in all a wonderful morning on the hill highlighting everything that is good about being a member of the country&;s premier athletics club. Special thanks are due to our hosts at 2e, i&;m sure everyone appreciated the warmth as well as the scran! Great stuff!

&;ll add results in a jiffy...
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Athlete Down

Athlete Down Time Up Time Overall
Kris Berry 2.22 3.34 5.56
Calum McKenzie 2.40 3.42 6.22
Scott Pilkington 2.22 4.02 6.24
Moray Anderson 2.44 4.01 6.45
Christopher O&;Brien 2.35 4.15 6.50
Grant Wilkie 2.43 4.08 6.51
Keith Hood 3.01 3.56 6.57
David Arnott 2.42 4.18 7.00
Tim Norwood 2.37 4.28 7.05
Scott Williamson 2.41 4.25 7.06
Bryan Clark 3.18 3.57 7.15
Alex Cumming 2.34 4.42 7.16
Ian Cumming 2.52 5.11 8.03
Jan Van Den Berg 3.10 5.02 8.12
David Law 3.12 5.13 8.25
Ruth Gibson 3.20 5.06 8.26
Paul O&;Brien 3.05 5.21 8.26
Nick Brown 3.12 5.17 8.29
Allan Clark 3.07 5.28 8.35
David Henderson 3.19 5.30 8.49
Susan Johnston 3.42 5.14 8.56
Phyllis O&;Brien 3.36 5.22 8.58
Corrie Roberts 3.12 5.49 9.01
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Great report and diligent

Great report and diligent statitising (is that even a word?!). Had great fun as usual, and further echo thanks to our 2e warm down hosts.

I have to apologise to Kris Berry for letting the excitement get to me and missing the crowning moment of his comeback year. The presentation of the CAAC Down &;N&; Up Trophy, well done lad. In the pilot event many moons ago - The El&;Cap Challenge. Mr. Berry posted an astonishing time of 3m05s for what was essentially the Up of the Down&;N&;Up in Summer conditions over a very slightly shorter course. Timely he should end his year with another piece of thoroughbred Corstorphine Hill action conjuring images of that past piece of mastery. 

Prizewinners in no particular order that is scrawled on my sheet.

1st Female Up - Ruth 5m06s
1st Female Down - Corrie 3m12s (we ate/drank sold your prize on Ebay - Sorry!)
1st Male Up - Bezza 3m34s
1st Male Down - Pilky 2m22s (on countback)
1st Veteran Up - Grant 4m08s
1st Veteran Down - DaveA 2m42s
1st Oldest - IanC (prize removed from the premises by son)
1st Youngest - Mkenz
Best Support - Paul, Phyllis & Hayley
Best Hat - Corrie (see above :()
Biggest False Start Twice - Ruth (no double winners of a prize. Passed by default to ScottW whom was put off by the second false start as it ruined his raceplan.)
Most Drunk - Nick
Most Sober - Tommy
Overall Down&;N&;Up Winner - Kris (Coveted Trophy .. TO BE RETURNED NEXT YEAR!)

Lastly there was another proper prize and that went to Alex Cumming, he and BC were the only two athletes to complete (not in the dictionary sense - BC) the innaugrual CAAC Paps series. A series of 3 hill/urban orienteering/muddy races which this year included Come In North Merchiston a point to point affair, taking in Corstorphine Hill Tower as checkpoint 1 amongst others. Race 2 was Fletch Lives - a race devised by Graeme Fletcher which opened a fair few minds to the rarely taken paths on the lower Pentlands - Alex excelled here and a late gamble of under or over the Colinton Bridge seen him just miss out on the overall win. Alex showed he is not only quick on his feet he is also a quick thinker and his wily sense of direction (and Mozza - Paties Road) its no surprise that he deservingly showed the steel to complete the series and take the title. Well done Alex, CAAC PAPS Champion

The series was well recieved - next year i hope to extend this to 6 races, including the D&;N&;U. If you have any route ideas grab my ear at training and we can have a play.