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Northumberland Coastal Run

A break in the clouds meant I could really enjoy this amazing race. I have had my eye on the Northumberland Coastal Run for quite a few years now and this year I had the wherewithal to be ready as soon as the entries opened in January. So popular is this race that the 1000 places normally fill up within a day.

The run is a 14 mile race along the beaches, coastal paths and roads between Beadnell and Alnmouth on what must be one of the most beautiful parts of the coastline in that area. The race starts on Beadnell Bay beach, after about a mile you head up onto the coastal path to Newton Links, Low Newton By The Sea, Dunstan Golf Course, Dunstanburgh Castle, Craster Village, The Heughs, Cullernose Point, Howick (Sea Houses Farm), Sugar Sands, Boulmer, Foxton Beach, and finishes on the beach at Alnmouth.

She who makes a lovely cup of tea had come along for the weekend and noticed how cold it was on the beach. She wished me a lot of luck and set off for the car to catch up with the Archers and the drive to Alnmouth. As is customary I started at the back. As the tide was out the start line was fairly wide - very wide actually and this meant that at the point the start line was no more then 3 or 4 people deep. Still I had decided to keep it steady and plodded away on the firm sand trying to avoid any big areas of water. Of course not for long. Not sure why in cross countries and these kind of races you try and avoid the water, when getting wet feet is pretty inevitable and jumping over the puddles most probably waste quite a lot of precious energy. After the beach we clambered over the rocks onto the coastal path and then through a village to the next beach which really established the pattern for the race. There are no mile markers just a sign that tells you, you are &;about half way&; and one that tells you there are &;about 2 miles to go&;.

I had been a bit worried before the race that my last long run had been the Granite Challenge and perhaps I should have had least a couple more before this race. I shouldn&;t have worried. I felt strong all the way and even managed to pick off 7 or 8 people in the last mile. Once over the finish line it was clear that a large thunderstorm was looming so the warm down was a quick walk to the car and about 10 minutes later the heavens opened - again.

I reckon next year we should aim to have a slightly larger CAAC contingent there, for now I am happy that I might have the CAAC record for this race (Bob?). I completed the 14 (or so) miles in 1:44:55 in 143 place.
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Great write up Jan. This one

Great write up Jan. This one has been on my &;to do&; list for quite some time, so I&;ll def be up for it next year!! Sounds fantastic - well done on the CAAC club record ;-)