Black Rock memories

Well I don&;t know, every year gets more confusing, but the Kinghorn highlight gets more organised. You get on a train, pick up your chip, wave a few limbs about in a pretence of warming up (hardly necessary this year on a balmy night) admire the fancy dress outfits, apparently some people are getting married soon, and get piped off at the start and piped round the rock in a spray of sea water. Some of us just about crawl up the near vertical (or so it seems) final slope then get funnelled through a wonderful one way system, receiving a banana, a bottle of water, and a bottle of beer, open or capped. Enjoy the contorted faces of those still finishing, shower and change, chippy and back to the pub. At some point in the beery procedures, someone appears on the steps of the pub and attempts to present prizes in a coherent fashion. Each prize winner is cheered by very loud and tall CAAC people, and equally tall and brown HBT people, with crates of beer  manhandled down the steps, along with (for some) very generous cash and voucher prizes, but the overall impression is of beer. Very little of this beer survives as far as Edinburgh on the last train home, but everyone is happy, and no-one, but no-one ever says "Never again." The Black Rock &;5&; appears in the list of the World&;s top races, and quite right too. Never mind &;swimming with dolphins&; running this annual event is a must do before you die!

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I concur, i think the

I concur, i think the organisers should use your report as the blurb for the race. Superb. Great fun.
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Here here! and

Here here! and congratulations on your own prize Martin. I enjoyed it very much. Well done also to Martin C, Steven and mens team for great results.

This was my first time at the BR5 it lived up to the hype entirely. Even with out beer it would have been great.