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Bass Rock Hill Race

see below re this unique race(presumably not an april fools)

We are delighted to announce that with kind permission from the RSPB a unique hill race to take place on the Bass Rock on Tuesday June 14th. This event will be a race across the path on the rock which takes in the summit giving a distance of 2 miles and 600ft of climb. If you are interested, please read the arrangements below:
 How to enter:
 Entries will be limited to 25 runners and will be allocated by ballot held on 15 April.  It is expected that this event will be popular so a waiting list with a further ten runners will also be drawn. Please email stating your name , club,  category ( M / F / Vet)  and mobile phone number. Sorry but no junior entries can be considered.
Entries, including boat trip , will cost £8 and will be collected on the night . In the event of bad weather preventing the boat from landing on the rock the race will be re-arranged for the following Tuesday. If appropriate, athletes from the waiting list will replace those who cannot attend the re-arranged date.
 Other Details 

The boat will depart from North Berwick harbour at 7pm. Additional clothing can be stored on the boat during the race. 
Full body cover (including a hat) must be worn during the race. There is likelihood that clothing will be soiled during this event.  
The path is suitable for trainers NOT studs.
Competitors MUST keep to the path at all times to avoid the danger of disturbing birds’ nests.. 
Participants enter entirely at their own risk.
Nick's picture

No idea if I'll be fit by

No idea if I&;ll be fit by then, but I&;ve submitted an entry request to this intereting yet novel sounding race. Anyone else?
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I wouldn't if I was you Nick.

I wouldn&;t if I was you Nick. I detect some April 1st shenanigans going on here.

"Full body cover (including a hat) must be worn during the race. There is likelihood that clothing will be soiled during this event. "

Aye, right.
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I was caught out by this

I was caught out by this brilliant spoof. I&;ve only ever been to Bass rock once before, in the 1970s you could still get boat trips from North Berwick. Ah well there&;s always North Berwick law.