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2011 will see the introduction of a duo of hill races to add to the already well established end of year Down&;N&;Up. The addition of which creates a Hill Race Series of 3 called The CAAC PAPS.

RACE : Come in North Merchiston.
DATE : Sunday 13th March 2011 @ 11.00am

A multi-terrain affair similar in idea to the 7 Hills of Edinburgh race. Starting at Corstorphine Hill at the car park off Clermiston Road and finishing at The Dell Inn ( just off the Water of Leith. There is no prescribed route, but set checkpoints must be reached with unique identifiers at each recorded. The course distance is approximately 10K, but this could be more or less depending on your route choice. Entrants need be 18 or older. Prizes and social drinks follow at The Dell Inn.

START Car Park off Clermiston Road at Corstorphine Hill
CP1 ??
CP2 ??
CP3 ??
CP4 ??
CP5 ??
CP6 ??
FINISH The Dell Inn

This first race of the series is a week on Sunday, please let me know by reply below if you want to run or let me know at training.


Should be gooooood fun! ;]

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Add me to your list! I may

Add me to your list! I may get lost as my sense of direction is rubbish but at least there&;s no big downhills like there is at the Down&;N&;Up!!! ;)

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Maps for all provided, and

Maps for all provided, and there was me thinking BC had this one in the bag now he has some competition ;]

Entrants thus far
Martin C
Martin H
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I just ran a recce tonight,

I just ran a recce tonight, and its a tough wee (or long) route. It would make a fine finale to anyones long Sunday run. I managed to plitter away ~13miles with a pack on from work, round a possible route and home without too much thought. Dare i say i even had to use my map at one point! 

ps. My garmin log has been made private ;]

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sounds like a good challenge,

sounds like a good challenge, count me in! Lunch at Dell Inn?

Will I need my compass and does it count as a long hill race???
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Unfortunately the Dell Inn

Unfortunately the Dell Inn has shut down.. however there will be alternatives on offer.

Compass required if you get really lost and find yourself in Carlops, otherwise not required ;]
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Just to be clear it is

Just to be clear it is only~10K.

The 13Miles came about with my run to the start and from the finish included. Added y&;all to the list. Sky meant to be split with sunshine on Sunday too ;]
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Ok let me get this right it's

Ok let me get this right it&;s only 10k but if you have your car parked at Corstorphine it&;s more like 20k? Will I take a bus fare, perhaps get a day ticket just in case?
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Good point Jan, If race

Good point Jan,

If race starts at Corstorphine PAP, and finishes at Dell Inn, where do we leave
changing gear, and is the best form of transport is the bus to the start, and back

who&;s pubbing it afterwards?

And will there be a check point on North Merchiston Pap?
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Where is the START and

Where is the START and FINISH?

The start is in the car park just off the North side of Clermiston Road.
The finish is at the rear car park at The Dell Inn.
View THE CAAC PAPS : Come In North Merchiston in a larger map

How do i get to from the START and FINISH?

There will be a car at the START which gear can be loaded into for transport to the FINISH. Therefore it is my suggestion that either you park your car at the Dell Inn and jog over for a 3.4mile warmup direct, or alternatively arrange with cohorts to car relay it over/pickup or park your car at the Dell Inn and hot foot it a wee bit and get a to Drumbrae Drive. (View Larger Map)

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Id go for the day ticket Jan,

Id go for the day ticket Jan, if i were running i think my preference would be to have the car at the finish if that was your mode of choice .. (arrange away on here)

Will be heading for a beer after Dave, the CrossKeys will be open at the very least and theres a few nice places for a late breakfast/lunch around too as alternative unfortunately The Dell Inn has closed its doors.

Ill have a better think about the logistics when choosing the route next time! ;]


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Glad we are on top of the

Glad we are on top of the logistics, now just have to find my way to all the different Check Points.......unless it&;s snowing really heavily as then I will be able to follow my fellow CP chasers.
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I reckon we should move the

I reckon we should move the race to Monday......look at the weather forecast for then!!! Oh and I&;m off work on Monday anyway!!
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No problem Martin ive got

No problem Martin ive got plenty of maps printed ill add your name to the list. 

Happy to accept entrants up to 10.55/11am tomorrow ;]
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Missing Phone... In addition

Missing Phone...

In addition to discovering that I&;m navigationally challenged this morning (garmin posting to follow) I have managed to misplace my phone. Hopefully it has dropped out of my bag in one of the cars (Grame or Cob&;s) alternatively being a total ditz I may have stashed it in someone else&;s Inovate rucksack.

I&;d be very grateful if you could have a check for me.


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Thanks CoB that was brilliant

Thanks CoB that was brilliant fun! Now that Martin has plotted the optimum route I am looking forward to next year! And I know all the answers already......might help BC too!
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I don't know about optimum,

I don&;t know about optimum, Jan. There&;s a few places I should have done better. In particular, you were ahead of me on the approach to Corstorphine Tower because you followed the trail while I took a rough, rocky, slippery short cut. Anyway, it will a whole new route next time, won&;t it?

I&;d like to add a big thank you to COB for the idea, planning and implementation of this new challenge. I know it will be talked about endlessly (which is a good sign).

For what it&;s worth, here&;s the route from my Garmin:
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CoB, Can I just add my


Can I just add my thanks, great route, immense fun and quality banter. Although in future I would make one H&S suggestion. Ensure BC has a fully charged mobile phone to aid in any Search and Rescue operations that are required....
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Thanks COB , GreatĀ fun for an

Thanks COB ,
Great fun for an otherwise dull Sunday, i&;m sure .

Still not convinced about the Train Timetable tho&; ( Been on the Train Timetable web-site & right enough , it says 6.40am from Carfin . ( I&;ll need to speak to the Fat Controller at Slateford , to change his Platform timetable )

PS.  BC , did you get on the Train to Carfin ?   lol

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Oh , and thanks for the "

Oh , and thanks for the " Three Paps " Beer - Are you going to open a new Distillery ( think the Advertising Regulators might have some issues ) - Top shelf beer & all that .
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I forgot my empty bottle of 3

I forgot my empty bottle of 3 paps, which is an honourable trophy. Can I collect mine next week at training (that&;ll be a rarity, like waxwings in Morningside) or at the AGM? Thanks Chris for a great idea!
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The first of 3 hill/off-road

The first of 3 hill/off-road races in The CAAC PAPS series got off to a fine start with Come in North Merchiston yesterday. The 12 athletes, sorry 11 athletes gathered in the small car park off Clermiston Road and waited for the 12th, BC. Having managed to navigate to the wrong car park to start the race things weren&;t looking too good for our chairman. Under starter&;s orders they were told of the lack of liability insurance and warned not to cross the mythical Merchant&;s Hall golf course then as the clock struck 11.12am they were off. Biros in hand to grab their maps and their fate from the back of the Clio. Some stopped to orientate their map some read quickly and legged it guessing the location of the first checkpoint. At this point it should be noted i am eternally grateful that the weather was clement as i don&;t think the maps would&;ve held up to the abuse of a single drop of rain despite somehow surviving the sweaty runners hands and pants!

Kerry, Onin and I then excitedly jumped into the baggage truck (read Clio) and headed South. The runners negotiating at this time Corstorphine Tower for CP1 then on to the Water of Leith for CP2 at each having to answer a question to prove their visitation to the point. With a 1min penalty for each wrong answer it was paramount some cognitive thought was used at each. The calculation at CP2 evidently proved too much for me when setting up the course, as i got it wrong on the answers sheet! We took a prime spot on the railway bridge at Slateford Station (CP3) and awaited the first sighting of the field. Ferrington had stolen a march! Holding a 50m advantage over O&;Brien, Anderson, Pilkington and Cumming in turn as they came at us from the East along Slateford Road. It was tight and after correctly or incorrectly recording that the first train to Edinburgh from Carfin on a Saturday was at 0640 and not 0656, the first real decisions started having to be made. Tommy turning right using Seven Hills knowledge, Steven and Moray quickly followed by Scott going left. Alex took one look at those three then again his map, i would say he read his map correctly and headed right in the same direction as Tommy. From our lookout post we then just spotted a disappearing but clever Martin Caldwell not even wasting the energy coming into the station and over the bridge by recording the required information from the timetable at the entrance. Close behind was the group of Martin Hulme, Chris Peggie and Graeme Fletcher all arriving and as it turns out copying each others answers wrongly at the station. They came from Chesser Avenue an interesting route choice and were closely followed by a chasing duo of Jan and OCH from the same direction who both showed great skill negotiating the busy road crossing quickly before teaming up to head right out the station and onwards. 11 of 12 through CP3, there should&;ve been no real problems with the first three checkpoints as they were all within well stomped ground, but as we were able to look over to the steep muck slide up to East Craiglockhart Hill and spot Tommy scrambling we were still searching the horizons for BC? Ten minutes came and went and after nearly missing Martin Caldwell&;s fly move we had to presume BC had done similar and we had. 

To The Dell Inn, we set up stall on table 205 and waited. Each competitor was to be greeted and rewarded with a freshly brewed beer from the Kerc0b Towers Brewery and a chocolate sugar boost. After a short wait Ferrington appeared and noone on his heels, despite a 1 minute penalty addition and a fine array of gorse scratchings it was soon apparent he had done enough. Just as the mathematical possibility of being overtaken for the win disappeared Martin Caldwell came racing down the track, a real surprise given his position at checkpoint 3, and as he calmly answered the final question to record no penalties it was apparent an assured choice of route seen him destroy the fast finishing group Pilky, Stevio and Alex. Despite finishing ahead by a matter of 10s or so Pilkington&;s inaccurate recording of the number 3009 at checkpoint 5 seen his penalties drop him from 3rd to 4th place, the first of the time penalty reversals. Next home was Anderson who looked like he&;d done a good days work. with some clear air behind he could afford to bemoan his poor route choice as he checked in at the finish. This was later further highlighted by the fact Caldwell who had used the arguably optimum route recorded just over 10K to Anderson&;s 12.6K! Not too far behind was the Fletcher, Hulme battle another decided in no small part due to Fletcher&;s inaccuracies at CP1 and 3 allowing Hulme to leapfrog him in the results. Peggie, Van Den Berg and Law all appeared and were suitably miffed at the prospect of a answering the &;What is the highest table number?&; Dell Inn question. Short-lived was such thought as a bottle of CAAC PAPS : Come In North Merchiston 2011 was uncapped for their enjoyment. And so the waiting began .. 

.. And continued. There were a few choice scrapes, a lot of mud and plenty of smiles and chatter over route choice - but one missing runner. As the tens of minutes ticked on, we considered phoning the Central Edinburgh Small Hills Rescue Team and placed a call of query to the missing Clark&;s parents. &;After 24 hours do we have to log a call with missing persons?&;. As the beer disappeared so did a few runners. Alex, Jan and Chris all adding to their days tallys by running back to collect cars from the start, a solid ten miler for Jan! As the clock ticked 1h50 Steph appeared and lent Tommy her bike to go searching for our lost soul. As luck would have it he then appeared from the other direction. Our Cross Country king had kept it all to the roads, and it showed. Not an speck of dirt, not out of breath, smiling, pristine map and the small matter of 39mins+ after the last finisher Bryan Clark&;s impeccable sense of direction had finally delivered him our way. 

All in all a pretty successful event, certainly was fun putting it together. Thanks for running, hopefully a few more CAAC souls will toe the line next time too? 

Results and maybe a wee video to follow, ive left my scrawlings in my jacket pocket!

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Re : Trophy. No problem

Re : Trophy.

No problem Martin, i have a few in the house from the testing process. If anyone else is after one, ill bring them along to the AGM.

I&;ve attached the route for interest of those that didnt take part.
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Full results now in The Power

Full results now in The Power of CAAC @

To be noted i made an error in my recollections, probably spiked with a good few pints penetrating my memory in the aftermath! Martin Hulme with a clean run in managed to leapfrog both Graeme F and Alex C on to finish 5th on the day and the double penatly Graeme picked up seen him plummet from 5th on the trail to 7th. Jan was safe after breaking away and putting some good distance between himself ChrisP and OCH who also did a switcheroo with Pegmeister also taking a double penalty. 

Well done chaps ;]. Im excited for more already.. Do you think there would be an appetite for a more regular event of this nature?
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I'd also be up for another

I&;d also be up for another one. Need to make up for my disaster coming off East Craiglockart & my inability to read questions whilst running...
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Chris just to reiterate what

Chris just to reiterate what everyone has said, brilliant race. Most fun i&;ve had racing in a while.  Would definately be up for another and next time i will remember all the check points as i might not have Moray to shout me back.


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It obviously pays to copy

It obviously pays to copy down the answers from Graeme incorrectly, and by chance get the right answers!
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2nd installment of the CAAC

2nd installment of the CAAC PAPS takes a more conventional turn. Away from the previously billed Out and Back and Back Again a runner who will remain nameless has come up with a good little route, that could not be passed by. 

Taking place on Wednesday 17th August @ 7pm starting and finishing at Spylaw Park. You&;ll get a map, some clues and will pointed in a direction. The name of this event is "".

I&;ll take names nearer the time, but for now make a space in the calendar!