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Mighty Deerstalker

So it&;s only a few weeks until another round of running madness in the forests of Traquair. Billed as 10k, its more like 10 miles! Through stinking swamps, along rivers, over slippy obstacles, in the pitch dark while wearing fancy dress. But the wild party afterwards, with live bands and lots of local beer, more than makes up for! Just ask anyone that was there last year.

So who has entered this year? I have. I hope your all camping? And sorted out your fancy dress? My tweeds are festering in a cupboard ready.
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Yo Nick I believe we

Yo Nick I believe we have

Myself(Dean !!)
Keith Hood
Scott (5k woosy)

looks like we could all fit into 1 tent, cosy !!!!!

any others ????
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I was going to do it, however

I was going to do it, however now that I have a place in the London Marathon I did not want to risk having any injuries or even the possiblity of drowning!!  Yes I have wimped out, but there is always next year!
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Wimp! Your missing a great

Wimp! Your missing a great party.
Right, whoes gonna come in fancy dress as Kerry then?! :-)
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Oh thats got my name all over

Oh thats got my name all over it.
 I&;ll run round with a pair of straightners in one hand and a cocktail in the other while chasing after all the young men :-)
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Oh you are all so very

Oh you are all so very funny!  Just as well I can take it all in good humour!  Actually it was the thought of having legs like Scott at the end of this race that has put me off, can&;t be having legs like that now! wink
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I'm actually growing quite

I&;m actually growing quite fond of my scars - very manly! It&;s also given me insight into what it must be like to be a woman, peoples eyes keep peering downwards to look at, thankfully, not my breasts but my heaving man scars.
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I'm going. Back to avenge my

I&;m going. Back to avenge my clubs worst time of last year.  I have no idea what I doing at night, hopefully staying over.
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If anyone is looking for a

If anyone is looking for a last minute entry to this then there is someone at my work who has one..........and decided not to take it up.  So you could still do it Kerry.....smiley
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I think Kerry actual has an

I think Kerry actual has an entry but is just not using it. Similar, since Tim bust his back he is not running now so also has an entry going spare.
Any takers? It really is jolly spiffing fun trotting round the country side of an evening :-)
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3rd place in the diddy

3rd place in the diddy race!!! woohooooooo!! Best ever result when racing non runners!! Annoyingly my time would have been good enough to win the race last year, in which case I would have had £50 in my pocket to spend on alcopops!

I can also see Keith, Nick, Dean and Susan in the results so I assume they made it round the beast in one piece.
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Great Result Scott -ahead of

Great Result Scott -ahead of Ms Mooney ( an Elite Hillracer ! ) - you must be a faster swimmer than her !
Well done also to Keith , Nick , Dean & Susan  who did the " big one " - Some nice photos of Keith in his flat cap ( clearly enjoying himself  )& Scotty in his " Italian Beret ? ".