Allan Scally Road Relays

The all new Allan Scally Road Relays (course changed due to lack of police support after 40 years of history) came to town today and CAAC fielded two male teams and a ladies team for the first time ever at the event. Not only that but we aided both Edinburgh and Aberdeen Uni's by farming out Kris Berry and Nick Broon to complete their C and B teams. The CAAC Men's A team, led out by Grant Wilkie (26:17), equalled their best ever finish (4th) at the event thanks largely to a sterling effort from Keith Hood who stormed round the last leg in 24:39. Grant had come in 8th on the first leg and with a bit of chopping and changing, Tom Ferrington held position on the second, just shading Grant's time by 2 seconds. Dermot Cummins, who just keeps on improving, then laid some excellent groundwork, picking up 2 places on his 25:51 before Kip Keitho's flyer. Keith was also marginally faster than Dougie Selman whose Edinburgh Uni team finished 3rd, taking a few minutes out of CAAC. The target in the past has always been to break 100mins and this year we really wanted to go sub 99. However, the new course was, although only marginally longer then the old one, very twisty and a trifle bumpy with an uphill finish to boot! As it was I believe only Shettleston's A team broke the 100mins and CAAC came home in 103:03. Not to be outdone, the Ladies team ran a fantastically consistent race - 4 seconds separated all three athletes - with Jo Kirby leading it out followed by Susan Johnston and Corrie Roberts for a very creditable 8th place and a great marker for future years. I don;t seem to have the girls times so if you could fill me in please... The Men's B team also had a great run, posting the highest B team finish for the club in 11th. Steven O'Brien, coming back to form in leaps and bounds, was narrowly beaten by Grant on the first leg in 26:26 and was backed up by BC (27:09), Dave Patton (27:54),who justified his B team place by just shading on-loan Kris Berry (27.55), and Chris O'Brien (27:19). The other CAAC athletes on display were Nick Brown who, due to some calamitous adminstration by Callum McKenzie, ended up with the wrong team number which caused no end of confusion in the final results. I'm fairly sure Callum ran 27:24 and Nick was credited with 32:57 although clocked himself somewhat faster. Nick continues to be over modest but in the end ran the fastest leg for his team - time to give yourself more credit for your ability Nick! First class effort by all concerned and thanks to photographer Kenny Wilkie for his assistance too! Well done to Shettleston for organising a new course at such short notice and for running the whole thing very efficiently. The course was well marshalled at every turn (there were a lot of turns) and generally very well organised.
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Nice report Tamas. I quite

Nice report Tamas. I quite enjoyed the course but arguably too much so given my time spent on it! I dont think we'd be too hard done to if this were to be the course going forward for the next 40 years.
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Here are the times that were

Here are the times that were posted for the CAAC ladies: Jo 34:12, Susan 34.14, Corrie 34:16 Quite liked the route but never had to dodge a drunk stotting along the course in a road race before!