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Its done, we're done for! The world is going to end.

Well ok i exaggerate slightly. Its new, its shiney and precious. Welcome to the new version of the Corstorphine AC website. I think this is as memory serves the 6th revision of the site and 5th that i've pushed, prodded and rammed together. This time like the last with the more than able assistance of Nick. Nick on this occasion played many roles, the parts of salesman (go open source, its free, its free and its good), 'google' (sometimes rather than searching i can just ask Nick) and art critic (the site hasnt always been this pretty!). Dean after helping greatly on the last version of the website, is taking a small step back from the day to day with as it was 'Too much like the day job.', completely understandable! He will however help to moderate the site content which we will again greatly appreciate. Cheers Deano! So whats new? Firstly we now have a 100% free, open source, content management system which will please Sheena ;] The site itself is also extremely scalable and offers immediately a lot opportunities to offer more varied content an example of which is the forthcoming Members Handbook and Members Area which will act as an excellent resource to new and exisiting club members. Club members themselves will be able to create and share content in the form of Blogs, Stories, Forum Posts etc .. This all sounds good, but what we have is a starter for 10 so really the site can become what you, the users and Corstorphine AC members want it to be. Whats good? Whats bad, let us know by sending an email to or speak to Nick or myself with any ideas or feedback you have. It would be most appreciated and hopefully we can integrate these ideas. Lots more content will be added over the coming days and weeks, for now ENJOY !! ;] cheers chris (c0b)
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There is still much to do, but the look and feel are as we intend, and the forums should be pretty usable. Things that we'll be looking at including: A latest/recent posts block on the front page with rss/atom feeds to follow them. Bring the static content up to date, including things like the CAAC5, about us and joining pages. Creating an online members handbook in the members only area. Integration with club members blogs/facebook/twitter content on other sites. Even possibly a online version of Bobs club results database.
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Yes, there are certainly much

Yes, there are certainly much improvements over the new site. I like the next events feature on all pages and like the splashes of colour too. One thing that struck me straight off is the layout of the header. I think the club logo should be right up in the top left hand corner, or left hand side of the infomation banner it's on. People read top to bottom, left to right and should see the name of the club as soon as they click on our site. Looking forward to the future improvements.
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good point Tim, Nick and i

good point Tim, Nick and i played with several locations for the logo but after a few efforts decided on its current location. Ill have a think and see what else we can do with it.